National Framework


The government is responsible for setting clear priorities and objectives for the fire and rescue service. The Fire and Rescue National Framework does this by making clear:

  • The Government's expectations for the service.
  • What fire authorities are expected to do.
  • What support the Government will provide.

The Government's new fire Public Service Agreement target for England came into effect on 01 April 2005. The target is:

  • By 2010, reduce the number of accidental fire-related deaths in the home by 20 per cent and the number of deliberate fires by 10 per cent

The National Framework is described as giving fire authorities the flexibility they need to meet the specific needs of their local communities and this remains at the heart of the Government's approach. The framework is designed to give authorities a firm foundation on which to build local solutions.

The Regional Agenda

Regional Management Boards were introduced in April 2004 to reduce the challenges, both operational and organisational, that individual fire and rescue services working in isolation may not have the capacity to provide the most efficient, effective and economical response to.

There are six key areas of work that should be dealt with through Regional Management Boards. They should:

  • Integrate common and specialist services, e.g. fire investigation.
  • Put in place effective resilience plans for large scale emergencies.
  • Introduce regional personnel and human resource functions.
  • Develop a regional approach to training.
  • Establish regional control centres.
  • Introduce regional procurement within the context of a national procurement strategy.

Further information can be found on the Department for Communities and Local Government website at selecting the Fire and Resilience Section

Buckinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service is part of the South East Fire and Rescue Service Regional Management Board (SE RMB).

For more information please go to our Fire Authority and Regional Management Board section of the website.

Details of the SE RMB with information about its meetings and minutes can also be found on the Surrey County Council website under Surrey Fire and Rescue Service, then selecting the South East Fire and Rescue Services Regional Management Board.