2007 Standards

Items and minutes for Standards Committee meetings held in 2007.

Date 5 December 2007
Item 2 Minutes of meeting 21 September 2007
Item 5 Interim Arrangements to comply with 
Legal Obligations with Annex
Item 6 Local Filter Pilot Findings with Annexes
A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K and L
Item 7 Recent Standards Board cases
Minutes with annex

Date 21 September 2007
Item 2 Minutes 21 June Standards Committee
with Annex A and B
Item 5 Revised Code of Conduct
with Annex A and B
Item 6 Predisposition, predetermination or bias
with Annex A and B
Item 7 The Bulletin with Annex A and B

Date 21 June 2007
Item 4 Minutes of Standards Committe 26 February 2007
Item 7 Complaints against the Authority
with Annexes A, B and C
Item 8 The Bulletin with Annexes A and B
Minutes Annex A and B

Date 26 February 2007
Item 5 Local & Public Involvement in Health Bill
Item 6 Monitoring Officer Protocol
Annex and Appendix to Annex
Item 7 DCLG Consultation on Model Code of Conduct
and Annex