Scania fleet

Since 2005, Buckinghamshire Fire & Rescue Service has been rolling out a new fleet of fire appliances - Scania 94D 260 (P270 from 2006 to 2010 and P280 in 2011) Rescue Pumps. In addition, there is a Scania P320 Turntable Ladder at High Wycombe Fire Station.

Station: Amersham | Call sign: FJC 31P1 | Fleet number: 028              
Date registered: 25-03-2009 | Registration number: KX58MXA
Vehicle type: Rescue pump | VIN: YS2P4X20002041876

Station: Aylesbury | Call sign: FJC 21P1 | Fleet number: 040
Date registered: 08-09-2006 | Registration number: KX06MUB
Vehicle type: Rescue pump | VIN: YS2P4X20002015087

Station: Aylesbury | Call sign: FJC 21P2 | Fleet number: 041
Date registered: 08-09-2006 | Registration number: KX06MUC
Vehicle type: Rescue pump | VIN: YS2P4X20002014966

Station: Beaconsfield | Call sign: FJC 51P1 | Fleet number: 054
Date registered: 23-01-2008 | Registration number: KX57TWL
Vehicle type: Rescue pump | VIN: YS2P4X20002029626

Station: Bletchley | Call sign: FJC 12P1 | Fleet number: 075
Date registered: 22-11-2011 | Registration number: KX11OHR
Vehicle type: Rescue pump | VIN: YS2P4X20002060793

Station: Broughton | Call sign: FJC 13P1 | Fleet number: 074
Date registered: 18-10-2011 | Registration number: KX11OHP
Vehicle type: Rescue pump | VIN: YS2P4X20002060751

Station: Buckingham | Call sign: FJC 22P1 | Fleet number: 071
Date registered: 22-04-2010 | Registration number: KX59JHH
Vehicle type: Rescue pump | VIN: YS2P4X20002047789

Station: Gerrards Cross | Call sign: FJC 52P1 | Fleet number: 029
Date registered: 03-04-2009 | Registration number: KX58MXB
Vehicle type: Rescue pump | VIN: YS2P4X20002041742

Station: Great Holm | Call sign: FJC 11P1 | Fleet number: 053
Date registered: 18-01-2008 | Registration number: KX57TWK
Vehicle type: Rescue pump | VIN: YS2P4X20002029606

Station: High Wycombe | Call sign: FJC 41P1 | Fleet number: 072
Date registered: 27-04-2010 | Registration number: KX59JHJ
Vehicle type: Rescue pump | VIN: YS2P4X20002047832

Station: High Wycombe | Call sign: FJC 41P2 | Fleet number: 073
Date registered: 28-04-2010 | Registration number: KX59JHK
Vehicle type: Rescue pump | VIN: YS2P4X20002047795

Station: High Wycombe | Call sign: FJC 41A8 | Fleet number: 032
Date registered: 05-04-2011 | Registration number: KX11BCZ
Vehicle type: Turntable ladder | VIN: XLEP4X200005235223

Station: Marlow | Call sign: FJC 44P1 | Fleet number: 046
Date registered: 09-02-2006 | Registration number: KX55PMV
Vehicle type: Rescue pump | VIN: YS2P4X20002008966

Station: Newport Pagnell | 14P1 | Fleet number: 052
Date registered: 18-01-2008 | Registration number: KX57TWJ
Vehicle type: Rescue pump | VIN: YS2P4X20002029647

Station: Winslow | Call sign: FJC 23P1 | Fleet number: 045
Date registered: 26-01-2006 | Registration number: KX55PMO
Vehicle type: Rescue pump | VIN: YS2P4X20002009023

Reserve appliance at Headquarters, Aylesbury | Fleet number: 014
Date registered: 31-10-2006 | Registration number: KX56CVW
Vehicle type: Rescue pump | VIN: YS2P4X20002015691

Reserve appliance at Headquarters, Aylesbury | Fleet number: 047
Date registered: 24-02-2006 | Registration number: KX55PMU
Vehicle type: Rescue pump | VIN: YS2P4X20002008984

The new vehicles were designed by Scania with coachwork supplied by Emergency One. Buckinghamshire Fire & Rescue Service has chosen to revert to the much-favoured and practical Fire Engine Red colour scheme with the increasingly familiar Battenburg fluorescent reflective trim.

Its sleek appearance shows it is professional and purpose-built. The new all-round brighter LED lights and reflectors make the appliance more visible to other road users and it is fitted with scene lighting on all sides.

The equipment stowage is much improved and has obviously been given some careful thought. In particular, the onus on firefighter health and safety is clear with all ladders stowed on gantries. Locker lighting has been improved, and heavy equipment is stowed at low levels for easier manual handling. All other locker shelving has the facility to slide and tilt, making it far easier and safer to gain access to the equipment.

The appliances are fitted with a number of new features, including CAFS (compressed air foam system) for a greater knock-down effect on fires as well as a longer hosereel (100m), a new and more comprehensive first aid and oxygen therapy kit and the new STABFAST stabilisation kit for use at road traffic collisions.

The cab is much more user-friendly. It offers an automatic step which drops when the door is opened, a more ergonomic layout for the driver and improved visibility for the crew. The pump is still the tried and tested Godiva World series but is much quieter in operation. It features new throttle controls and a variable height adjustment on the rear axle to lower the bodywork. Additionally the old style roller shutters on the pump bay have been replaced with more conventional folding doors.

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