Refresher Breathing Apparatus
Duration 1 Day
Location Client premises
Cost per Person Costs available upon request
Cost per Course Costs available upon request


Title Refresher Breathing Apparatus

Course overview:
This course provides a refresher for firefighting teams in order to maintain their familiarity with the use of breathing apparatus and to update them on latest techniques. Courses are arranged on demand.

Who should attend:
Firefighters who have previously attended the Initial Breathing Apparatus course

At the end of the course students will be refreshed in:

  • Familiarity with breathing apparatus equipment and its cleaning and maintenance
  • Understanding of how to operate and use breathing apparatus in a safe manner
  • Confidence in using breathing apparatus in practical situations

Students receive a refresher on the following topics

  • Breathing apparatus equipment, cleaning and maintenance
  • Entry control procedures
  • Donning / starting up
  • Variation on exercise easy wear
  • Search procedures
  • Personal lines
  • Entrapment
  • Casualty handling
  • Heat & Humidity
  • Smoke exercises

    Certificate: A certificate is provided confirming attendance